Tributes to Indulged Furries

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Web Resources, Books, and Poems

The Web resources, Books page lists other websites and books that provide information and support on pet loss and grief support.

The Poems page has a few favorite poems that may be comforting for someone who has lost a pet.

Thoughts on Pet Loss

Sharing my experiences with pet loss, preparing for the loss of a pet, grieving, and moving forward.

"For life disappears and reappears under diverse disguises. It reveals itself for a single flashing, startling instant before returning to the impenetrable darkness from which it came. But through all its many manifestations, there endures something worthy of our wonder and awe."  

"From out of the infinite realm of possibility, a never-to-be repeated creature comes into being, looks out briefly on the universe, passes its life force along to coming generations, then rejoins the undifferentiated vastness from which it emerged."   

From Goodbye, Friend by Gary Kowalski